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If you would like to be a MANAGER, would you inspire appreciation, loyalty, and respect? Would you feel competent and professional being in charge?

Being a manager is no easy task, but some managers are better than others because of their own innate empathy, competence, and skill. How would you be in that position?

QUIZ: Fancy yourself as a good Manager?
Here is your chance to find out!!

For each statement, select a reply that you believe would apply to you.

  1. To be a success in the job managers must try to please as many staff as possible.
  2. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  3. I would find it difficult to criticise someone.
  4. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  5. I don't have too much confidence when I am dealing with work colleagues.
  6. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  7. It is very important to be liked by the staff I manage.
  8. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  9. I find it difficult to make decisions relating to work colleagues.
  10. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  11. Too many changes at work for no reason is not very good for the team.
  12. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  13. I prefer project work to dealing with people.
  14. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  15. I try not to attract too much attention when I am at my desk.
  16. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  17. I quite like creating and designing things.
  18. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  19. I like being an administrator than people manager.
  20. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  21. I feel more comfortable dealing with things, more in control.
  22. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  23. It is each staff's responsibility to ensure the job gets done.
  24. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  25. Many workers cannot be trusted to work on their own.
  26. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  27. Managers have to keep a close eye on employees to get maximum productivity.
  28. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  29. If I am in charge I expect people to do as I say without question.
  30. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  31. Good managers are better at directing than negotiating.
  32. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  33. If someone is not working well enough they are probably not up to the job.
  34. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  35. People who are different from us would not be able to handle too much responsibility.
  36. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  37. Too much praise is not good for the staff.
  38. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  39. Incompetent people should be fired quickly before they do too much damage.
  40. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  41. Men make far better managers than women.
  42. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

  43. Women need more training than men to be in charge.
  44. I agree. I am not sure. I disagree.

Explanation for Questions
Questions 1-6: Personal Confidence and Esteem
Questions 7-11: Personal Suitability for Management
Questions 12-16: Perception of the Management Role
Questions 17-22: Staff Perception and Motivation

The three sections of the quiz should help you to understand the weakest points which need remedying by noting the totals for each section, as well as the overall score which is explained below.

THANK YOU. Please complete the details requested (for research), and click the SEND FORM button. Your score will be sent to you shortly.

Gender and Age:


57-66: You have the talent to be an excellent manager, the exciting fearless kind that staff enjoy being around. You brim with confidence, you have the desire to lead, you already have a good grasp of the management process and you have a high empathy for staff - all winning attributes that should serve you well in any managerial post. If you are not yet a manager you will be formidable when you have the experience. As long as you remain open to learning and developing, you will achieve a great deal in your career. 

41-56: You are good managerial stock, the reliable kind that earns a lot of staff trust and respect. You are solid in your treatment of others, in understanding the management process and in your own confidence to lead. However, you can allow certain ideas and circumstances to override your good judgement due to lingering doubts about your own confidence. You are very talented and others know it too. But you have to nurture a little more self-belief to really do yourself justice!

25-40: You are not sure whether you wish to be a manager or not. That is because your confidence and self esteem are not very high, so you fluctuate according to mood and fear. For example, on the one hand you wish to be liked while on the other, you want to be in charge. But the two don't really go together, especially when you have to make difficult decisions which affect people and their livelihood. You need more confidence in yourself and less reliance on other people to develop the management skills you desire. Some training should bring out your talents in this area.

11-24: Your confidence is far too low, perhaps you're very shy, and your understanding of the management process too weak to manage others at this stage. You would need a good deal of training and appreciation of the sensitivity of leading others in productive engagement. Your motivational skills would be inadequate to get the type of actions you seek. So a lot of work to be done first.

0-10: You are not cut out to be a manager with your current approach. You would feel very uncomfortable in it, and not very good at it. You lack the confidence, which is most important, the empathy with others and a basic appreciation of what it takes to manage. Worst still, you are the type that feels comfortable working with products than people. But managing people and things are really not the same!

What should I do if my score is not as expected?

  • If you scored LESS THAN 40, you would find one of our personalised Coaching Services very useful! LESS THAN 30 and you definitely need some training!

  • You might find the aricles on management on this Confidence Guide website of some value.

  • Managing competently needs personal investment.
    Do something about it TODAY!